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     Welcome to PA Highlander's Jeep Site   

This site was created to share my enthusiasm about Jeeps. 

We are now on our 6th Jeep ... had a '95 XJ, '86 XJ (parts rig), '86 MJ, and '92 YJ 

... and currently an '04 KJ and an '09 JK!


Local Events:


Remembering Callie Run - Stagger4x4 WV - Jan 31 2010



AEV Snorkel Installed 1/30/2010 !!





We attended the 20th Annual Ouachita Jeep Jamboree in Hot Springs Arkansas October 22-24 2009. The JK did outstanding running with the "yellow" trail group both Friday and Saturday (ratings 3-4 on a 5 scale). A great time was had and we traveled 2800 miles over 7 days and passed through 8 states. (visited Hot Springs Nat'l Park, Crater of Diamond State Park, wife's sister in MS, wife's alma mater in MS, and then home) 

PA -> WV -> KY -> TN -> AR -> TN -> MS -> AL -> GA -> TN -> KY -> WV - > PA

Click here for the Ouachita Jambo photos!





 My '09 JK "Mud Puppy" and my wife's '04 KJ "Silver Fox"




My wife and I at the All Breeds Jeep Show in York (July 18 2009)

All Breeds Jeep Show Photos



My wife and I met and Camp Jeep 2005 where she was a participant and I was a trail guide. I was the "tailgunner" trail guide on Trail HH

(Aug 12-14 Pocono Mtns PA)

Full Camp Jeep 2005 Gallery - Click Here!



Jasper, Belle, and Roofus - our furry kids!

Left to Right: Roofus (coonhound mix), Jasper (choc lab), and Belle (border collie mix)

And the newest shelter pup ... Toby (corgi/terrier/shelty mix)


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