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This page has remained unchanged since it was first designed a few days after September 11th and will remain so as a tribute to the lives lost. I did however wish to add a link to the official webpage commissioned by the Somerset County Commissioners, Somerset, PA for the Flight 93 Memorial:




World Trade Center, NYC, NY

Pentagon, Washington D.C.

Shanksville, PA

Terrorism strikes the United States

This is a tribute to FDNY, NYPD, and all civilian lives lost to terrorism.

As a resident of a community a mere 10 miles from the crash site in Shanksville, PA, I cannot seem to express my disbelief that a terrorist act would strike so close to home. As a team member of Somerset County Search and Rescue, my sympathy goes out to FDNY and NYPD that have lost family and friends in the ultimate sacrifice while saving others. As a veteran and citizen, my sympathy goes out to all the innocent lives lost to this unbelievable act of terrorism on American soil. As a Christian, my prayers go out for Christ to comfort all those whose lives have been touched by this act.  

It is now time for the country to rally around the President and our armed forces to justice prevails. We must go forward and seek out those that would harm us and bring them to justice. We must be careful, however, to not give up our freedoms in the name of security. To do so would be a victory for the terrorists.


This is a small photo collage from the events of 9-11.

Some of these images are of unknown origin, so I could not give proper credit.

















"Amazing Grace"



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